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Family of Thomas SUMPNER and Martha CONDIT


Seend Church


Seend Church Tower

Husband: Thomas SUMPNER (c. 1629-1665)
Wife: Martha CONDIT ( - )
Marriage 23 Jul 1649 Seend, Wiltshire

Husband: Thomas SUMPNER

Name: Thomas SUMPNER
Sex: Male
Father: Thomas SUMPNER (c. 1600-1633)
Mother: Grace <SUMPNER> (c. 1600-1633)
Christening 9 Feb 1622 (age -8) Seend, Wiltshire
Birth c. Sep 1629 Seend, Wiltshire
Death 1665 (age 35-36) Seend, Wiltshire
Burial 30 Jul 1665 Seend, Wiltshire

Wife: Martha CONDIT

Name: Martha CONDIT
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Penton, Hampshire

Note on Husband: Thomas SUMPNER

Thomas was left £4 in his grandmother's will.