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Family of John SUMPNER (SOMNER) and Mary TIPPER


Seend Church


Seend Church Tower

Husband: John SUMPNER (SOMNER) (1644-1670)
Wife: Mary TIPPER (1645- )
Children: Edward SOMNER (c. 1670-1710)
Elizabeth SOMNER (1674-1725)
Marriage c. 1670 Seend, Wiltshire

Husband: John SUMPNER (SOMNER)

Sex: Male
Father: John SUMPNER (SOMNER) (1619-1663)
Mother: Frances HART ( -1664)
Birth 1644 Seend, Wiltshire
Death 26 Dec 1670 (age 25-26) Seend, Wiltshire

Wife: Mary TIPPER

Name: Mary TIPPER
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1645 Seend, Wiltshire

Child 1: Edward SOMNER

Name: Edward SOMNER
Sex: Male
Birth c. 1670 Seend, Wiltshire
Death 9 Aug 1710 (age 39-40) Seend, Wiltshire

Child 2: Elizabeth SOMNER

Name: Elizabeth SOMNER
Sex: Female
Spouse: Daniel WEBB (1670- )
Birth 1674 Seend, Wiltshire
Death 1725 (age 50-51) Monckton Farley, Wiltshire
Burial 5 Oct 1725 Monckton Farley, Wiltshire

Note on Husband: John SUMPNER (SOMNER)

Records vary considerably on dates of birth and death.

Note on Wife: Mary TIPPER

Records vary considerably on dates of birth, death and husbands.