Family of Edward SMITH and Elysabeth SUMPNER


Seend Church


Seend Church Tower

Husband: Edward SMITH ( - )
Wife: Elysabeth SUMPNER ( - )
Children: Joan SMITH ( - )
Elizabeth SMITH ( - )
Marriage 12 May 1612 Seend, Wiltshire

Husband: Edward SMITH

Name: Edward SMITH
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Elysabeth SUMPNER

Name: Elysabeth SUMPNER
Sex: Female
Father: John SUMPNER (SUMNER) (aft1587-1641)
Mother: Margery TYLLING (TILLING) (1591-aft1619)

Child 1: Joan SMITH

Name: Joan SMITH
Sex: Female

Child 2: Elizabeth SMITH

Name: Elizabeth SMITH
Sex: Female