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Family of Henry GOODALL and Eliza Ann SUMNER

Husband: Henry GOODALL ( - )
Wife: Eliza Ann SUMNER (1862- )
Children: Elsie Catherine GOODALL (1894-1948)
Marriage Q1 1893 Devizes Registration District, Wiltshire

Husband: Henry GOODALL

Name: Henry GOODALL
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Wiltshire

Wife: Eliza Ann SUMNER

Name: Eliza Ann SUMNER
Sex: Female
Father: Thomas SUMNER (1839-1888)
Mother: Caroline <SUMNER> (1829- )
Birth Q1 1862 Worton, Wiltshire

Child 1: Elsie Catherine GOODALL

Name: Elsie Catherine GOODALL
Sex: Female
Spouse: Gilbert Daniel BRADFORD (1888-1988)
Birth 23 Mar 1894 Worton, Wiltshire
Death 30 Jul 1948 (age 54) Ville Ste Laurent, Quebec, Canada

Note on Husband: Henry GOODALL

Either Henry Goodall or Alfred John Phillips

Note on Wife: Eliza Ann SUMNER

In 1871 she is living in Worton with her parents, 2 sisters and a brother. She is 9 years old and a Scholar.

In 1891 she was living at Prince Hill, Worton and working for John Chaffey, aged 53 and a Retired Military Officer from Stoke Under Ham, Somerset, and his wife Viginia aged 39 from Calcutta, East Indies. Eliza was 29 years old, single and a Cook and Domestic Servant. Also living there was Rosa Smith aged 23 from Bratton, Wiltshire, who was single and a Housemaid and Domestic Servant, and Sarah A.Arter aged 29 from Melksham, single and a Palour Maid and Domestic Servant (who would eventually marry Eliza's cousin Henry)..

She married either Henry Goodall or Alfred John Phillips in 1893.