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Family of William SUMPNER

Partner: William SUMPNER (1480?- )
Partner: (unknown)
Children: William SUMNER (SUMPNER) (1510?- )
Ann SUMNER (c. 1520- )

Partner: William SUMPNER

Name: William SUMPNER
Sex: Male
Father: Unknown SUMPNER (1455?- )
Mother: -
Birth 1480 (est)

Child 1: William SUMNER (SUMPNER)

Name: William SUMNER (SUMPNER)
Sex: Male
Spouse: Unknown <SUMPNER> ( - )
Birth 1510 (est)

Child 2: Ann SUMNER


Seend Church


Seend Church Tower

Name: Ann SUMNER
Sex: Female
Birth c. 1520 Seend, Wiltshire

Note on Husband: William SUMPNER

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Wiltshire Records Office hold a will for William Sumner dated 1546. It could be for this William or possibly his son.