Family of Ronald Charles SUMNER and Doris KENNETT

Husband: Ronald Charles SUMNER (1907-1985)
Wife: Doris KENNETT (1912-1969)
Children: John Hilton SUMNER (1940- )
Hilary Joan SUMNER (1944- )
Marriage 1939 Bristol

Husband: Ronald Charles SUMNER


Ronald Charles SUMNER

Name: Ronald Charles SUMNER
Sex: Male
Father: Charles William SUMNER (1878-1970)
Mother: Florence Annie RICHARDS (1878-1963)
Birth 12 Jun 1907 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
Occupation Security Guard
Death 26 Feb 1985 (age 77) Bristol

Wife: Doris KENNETT



Name: Doris KENNETT
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 7 Mar 1912 Bristol (Shirehampton)
Occupation Music Teacher
Death 27 Nov 1969 (age 57) Bristol (Clifton)

Child 1: John Hilton SUMNER


John Hilton SUMNER

Name: John Hilton SUMNER
Sex: Male
Birth 6 Jul 1940 Bristol (Redland)
154 Redland Road, Redland, Bristol 6.
Christening 1940 (age 0) Bristol (St.John's - Clifton)
Occupation Salesman / Technical Author

Child 2: Hilary Joan SUMNER


Hilary Joan SUMNER


Spouse: Owen John SHERRING

Name: Hilary Joan SUMNER
Sex: Female
Spouse: Owen John SHERRING (1936- )
Birth 17 Jan 1944 Bristol (Redland)
Occupation Care Nurse

Note on Husband: Ronald Charles SUMNER

In the 1930's he was an Insurance Collector working for his father who managed the Bristol Co-Operative Insurance Company.

In 1940 his job was refered to as a Package Examiner Petroleum Board.

In the 1950's he worked as Security Police at the Bristol Aircraft Corporation, Filton, Bristol.