Family of Arthur James SUMNER and Helen R (A) LEISHMAN

Husband: Arthur James SUMNER (1880- )
Wife: Helen R (A) LEISHMAN (c. 1884- )
Children: Jean SUMNER (1918- )
Freda M. SUMNER (1920- )
Audrey G. SUMNER (1922- )

Husband: Arthur James SUMNER


Arthur James SUMNER

Name: Arthur James SUMNER
Sex: Male
Nickname: Jim
Father: Francis William SUMNER (1853-1908)
Mother: Elizabeth POTTER (1856- )
Birth Q4 1880 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
Occupation Shoeing Smith / Farrier Sargeant Royal Gloucester Hussars

Wife: Helen R (A) LEISHMAN

Name: Helen R (A) LEISHMAN
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth c. 1884 Edinburgh, Scotland
Occupation Saddle Maker

Child 1: Jean SUMNER



Name: Jean SUMNER
Sex: Female
Spouse: Ian <UNKNOWN> ( - )
Birth Q1 1918 Boston, Lincolnshire

Child 2: Freda M. SUMNER



Name: Freda M. SUMNER
Sex: Female
Birth Q2 1920 Spalding, Lincolnshire

Child 3: Audrey G. SUMNER

Name: Audrey G. SUMNER
Sex: Female
Spouse: Owen <UNKNOWN> ( - )
Birth Q1 1922 Spalding, Lincolnshire

Note on Husband: Arthur James SUMNER

In 1881 he was living at 51 Tivoli Street, Cheltenham with his parents, a brother and sister and a lodger William Robert Mealin aged 25, a farrier from British Burmah East India. Arthur was 4 months old.

In 1901 he was living with her mother and siblings in Worton. He was a Agricultural Labourer.

Note on Wife: Helen R (A) LEISHMAN

Records for the wife of Arthur James Sumner are proving difficult to find. Family history says her name was Rona Hoare, whereas records for the mother of Jean and Freda Sumner (Arthur Sumner's daughters) give here as Helen R. Leishman from Edinburgh. She was a Saddle Maker Arthur was a Shoeing Smith / Farrier.

She could have been married before she met Arthur, to an Unknown Hoare, and timing is correct for a first husband to have died in the First World War. Perhaps like Arthur, he served in the Army. Alternatively Rona Hoare might have been Arthur's second wife.

Arthur's younger brother Henry married a Grace Annie Leishman from Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland. Were Helen and Grace sisters or cousins ? Currently records to prove (or disprove) any of this, have not been found.