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Family of Owen and Audrey G. SUMNER

Husband: Owen <UNKNOWN> ( - )
Wife: Audrey G. SUMNER (1922- )
Children: Martyn <SUMNER> ( - )
Moira <SUMNER> ( - )

Husband: Owen <UNKNOWN>

Name: Owen <UNKNOWN>
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Audrey G. SUMNER

Name: Audrey G. SUMNER
Sex: Female
Father: Arthur James SUMNER (1880- )
Mother: Helen R (A) LEISHMAN (c. 1884- )
Birth Q1 1922 Spalding, Lincolnshire

Child 1: Martyn <SUMNER>

Name: Martyn <SUMNER>1
Sex: Male

Child 2: Moira <SUMNER>

Name: Moira <SUMNER>1
Sex: Female


1From a family photograph handed down from Edna Sumner