Family of George SUMNER and Dinah BARTLETT


Seend Church


Seend Church Tower

Husband: George SUMNER (1758- )
Wife: Dinah BARTLETT (c. 1760- )
Marriage 9 Sep 1786 Seend, Wiltshire

Husband: George SUMNER

Name: George SUMNER
Sex: Male
Father: William SUMNER (1731-1805)
Mother: Bettey BURROUGHS (1735- )
Birth 1758 Seend, Wiltshire
Baptism 26 Feb 1758 (age 0) Seend, Wiltshire

Wife: Dinah BARTLETT

Name: Dinah BARTLETT
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth c. 1760 Seend, Wiltshire
Christening 3 Sep 1780 (age 19-20) Seend, Wiltshire

Note on Wife: Dinah BARTLETT

One record show marriage as 9th.Sept 1777.

Witnessees at their marriage were James Moore and Isaac Gibson.

One record gives date of Christening as 3rd.Sep 1780 .